Banking services


Any firm as a separate legal entity can benefit from a bank account in his State of registration.

In fact in some countries such as France, the opening of a single bank account for a new firm can resemble an obstacle course and could be declined by several agencies before obtaining satisfaction.

Opening a bank account for a firm in another country than his is not as obvious.


A US company will be able to open up a bank account in the US, but this service will be denied for example in Switzerland.

Elsewhere it will depend on the Bank manager’s good will, with changes from one city to another, if one wishes to have a “non-resident” account.

There will be less difficult if the account should be opened in the name of the branch or liaison office with a Siret number.

We draw your attention on some internet offices which offer bank services.

If a “banking introduction” is mentioned: be careful!

This will be only gives you a list of documents, perhaps a name and address, and in the best case an appointment.
BUT there won’t be the opening of a bank account.

Besides, only a bank can decide to accept to open an account or not.

We can take in charge all the formalities from a distance (without your having to come personally) for the opening of a bank account (ONLY FOT COMPANIES) in the following Countries:


Provided you submit a complete and good quality file and anyhow subject to the banker’s approval.


As for the USA, a US firm can open an account in a US bank without any problem, with a minimum deposit of $100.

However U.S. banks are reluctant to open accounts without having a physical contact with their new client. (Fear of the mafia, terrorism, money laundering …)
A return aircraft to New York City including two night costs only $1,000 or $1,500.

This is less than the fees charged by some intermediaries, in addition the pleasure of a staying in such a lively city.

In that case we can organize the on site appointment thanks to our tax lawyer and chartered accountant who will introduce you to the banker.

For a US firm to have an account in another country is not necessarily a problem.
In the US banks, accounts are usually in US dollars.
So with risks of exchange rates when there are transfers to U.E.

For instance, if the US firm has an account in Latvia for example, it will be in euros, so no risk of exchange rate.

Depending on the type of activities of the firm, its nationality, its setting up (branches, liaison office), a comprehensive analysis must be carried out and thus we can advise you on the best solution to facilitate your exchanges and financial movements.


Our firm must handle the opening of personal accounts, but only professional accounts and firms.

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