About us

International Companies Consulting is a division of Eagle Business Corporation.

This company based in the State of Delaware (USA) was established in 1998.

This is a Corporate consulting company, mainly focused on relations between the US and Europe and vice versa.

Advice, it means that we are not like some mere low cost “market” company, but without any serious service.

For that you will not find on this site an impressive list of jurisdictions with pre-established prices

Advice means
– We stand for customer needs
– We will determine possible and legal solutions that respond to these needs
– And on the basis of a customized quotation, we will implement the scheme chosen by agreement

To do this, we have the services of an Incorporation Agent (more or less a Registrar, matching the State Secretariat), who can register companies in any state of the United States.
But also of Chartered Accountants, Tax Advisors US, Lawyers with various specialties (visas, facilitation to the IRS, international relations).
Our missions can range from a simple creation of non-resident company to a turn key installation of a French subsidiary company in the USA.

We also work with specialist firms in other jurisdictions, to offer a comprehensive service at international fixtures.


We don’t give any legal, tax or accounting advice, whether in the US or in another country in Europe.
When such a question is raised of this, we put our clients in touch with the appropriate professional.

Since 1998, we have treated hundreds of cases for Russian, Italian, Belgian, Tunisian, Moroccan, French… clients.

Feel free to submit your questions through the contact form below.
You will receive an answer shortly by phone, mail, e-mail or Skype.

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